Shocking Poetry by Phil Isherwood


Crack and shatter, frames shout and shift

Claim control of history’s vistas.


Eyes are mesmerised by interior terrors.

Words cascade. Corpses form weeping

Ceilings, dust clouds, particles shimmering.


Walls, once offering refuge for scrawling

Pains, shake their threats of tumbling

Retribution. Surfaces are scabs and fissures.


There! Awesome slabs of light stand majestic.


The ground writhes in delight, heaves

Beneath the dancing words until the silence of

Exhausted lovers prevails in the fading of the day.


A patient darkness slowly inters the strewn remnants.

In the clearing night sky, an audience of stars gathers.

They listen to the breathing, calm, slow, free.


Listen. A choir finding voice, the words of praise.