Stranger by Bridie Breen
It’s the making bit that can serve us well
In all those moments, thinking alone in bed,
when emptiness threatens to cave in those walls built.
In times where reaching out, is just to be held
It tells, if there is someone to call
or anybody bothered to take the time,
to come over. Share some wine and talk
or just listen. Just listen. Just listen.
All begins with a connection
Ties forged by a smile, or eyes that meet.
Perhaps, a gathering of like­­-minds
sifting out commonalities. Revelling in differences.
Anything goes I suppose. Enlivened by a stance.
Questioning a purpose as words dance off the tongue.
It doesn’t take long to capture the essence of a person
old or young. A conversation that reassures,
obligates a second take. Decides, there’s more
to this stranger than considered before.
A portal opens up to spirit and heart
When a stranger yesterday becomes today’s compatriot.