The Inevitable Stranger by Jack Dorning
 The view was intoxicating , he was choking with emotion 
His face was weathered with the ravages of time 
Growing old gracefully had been his only crime 
His eyes were fixed solely in an out of range stare 
He stands in silence knowing he has done his share 
Way out over the ocean, he makes out a ghostly shape 
It is slowly moving closer ,gesturing for him to escape 
He knows there is one final journey that has to be tackled alone 
Has his time come to encounter the great unknown 
The stranger inches nearer , offering a brotherly hand 
The old man ventures forward as his feet lift of the sand 
The stranger looks familiar , as he sinks into his embrace 
Is it some ancient relation preparing him to displace 
He closes his eyes slowly , conditioned to face the end 
Knowing the inevitable stranger is now his inevitable friend ...