Love Is The Cruel Joker In Life’s Pack by Ian Hill

 and always leaves you wanting more

it lifts you up until you swoop and soar

and when it’s done with you it leers

then grinds your self-respect into the floor

remorselessly no matter how you try

to reason with the unrelenting demon there

and then it moves to chop you down

to kick and punch your weary head

to question all you thought you ever were

devoid of mediating compromise

all simple logic sense and reason dead

then safe behind the jester’s hidden hand

love deals out the cards as well it might

and as you lie there bleeding on the floor

it kicks you hard once more with gleeful spite

and as you wonder how it came to this

you realise now your sanity is well amiss

and lie there gasping choking weeping

staring blindly into the abyss.