Joker by Jill Pemberton

 There are fifty two playing cards in the pack
I am the Joker, so just put me back!
There aren’t many games that I can play
But I’m waiting my turn, I’ll have my day.
Ace, high or low, just take your pick –
It depends on the game, it depends on the trick.
Cards depicting the King and Queen
Are always held in high esteem.
Cards from seven right up to the Jack
Are prominent players in the pack.
What of the cards from one to six?
Depends on the game, depends on the tricks,
But mostly, they’re looked at, then thrown away,
But they’re waiting their turn, they’ll have their day.
Cards are like people, oh, what a mix!
Depends on the game, depends on the tricks.
Lately, a new game has come to the fore
And high cards don’t matter anymore.
Aces high, Kings and Queens
All bow to the power of Covid 19.
Numbers seven right up to the Jack
Wait to be rescued, confined to the pack.
What of numbers one to six?
The ones who will help us out of this fix.
The hard working ones, the ones to inspire us,
Helping us cope with Coronavirus.
Doctors, nurses, pharmacists,
Bravely working to heal and assist.
Royal Mail, police force, the fire brigade,
Ready and willing to come to our aid.
Volunteers showing how much they care,
Rely on them! They’ll always be there.
Check-out girls and the ones who stack –
Very important cards in the pack.
How does the Joker fit in with the game?
It all becomes clear when you know my name.
I am out of the box! I am here to be seen!
You know who I am – I am COVID 19