Negev 5-7-5 by Mark Russell


1. Bedou

This is my desert

a far oasis tempts me

best to stay thirsty


2. Thirst

baked earth stony ground

the herd sensing cool water

bring their hooves and tongues


3. Mirage

when visions call you

reach first for near horizons

in time look once more


4. Sand

squatting i reach down

i take a handful of life

each grain sustains me


5. Nomad

when wilderness calls

the solitary soul smiles

journey continues


6. Touched

this land and this man

like brothers were born to change

shaped by desert winds


7. Desert

many come searching

to drown in this secret sea

choose your guide with care


8. Sky Moon Stars

i looks to the sky

my celestial sister

watching over me