Big Sky by Paula Williams

 Mind bound, gripped by stress, barred from advancing

Cogs turning, thoughts grinding, the brooding unending

Muscles tired, shoulders held, breathing shallow and tight

Wired nerves, coiled up springs, and primed for the fight


Need to stretch out, push against, get outside, and then blow

Find my space, defragment, realign and then go

To my place, find my peace, be present,and feel free

Smell the air, see the sky, feel the ground beneath and breathe


I am my spot, where I find what I am after

Where grazing green fields meet blue blackest of water

and the lake's frilly flows meet dark craggy edges

that lead to white pointed tips and limitless skies.


I inhale cool pure air and exhale the frustration

Mind eased by this effort, bands now start to loosen

I hear a brook splutter and the change of its tone

Feel the slippery mud over hard gravel and stone


In this moment, this place, I am here, I am thrilled

Horizons broadening, emotional piggy bank filled

Closed thoughts and anxiety, no longer the enemy

Coniston Water my tonic, and big sky is my remedy