Leaving After Lockdown by Shaun Fallows

 These words suddenly incited fear
These words suddenly made it harder to hear
These words made it all  extra rough
‘In it for the long haul’
Like the last Saturday night train from Manchester
or a drunk tourist brawl in Magaluf.

It started so unknowingly

Like the slow ache of a tooth that needs filling

As soon as we hit the nerve

We just never stopped drilling.

The coffee table stains been telling me
We're on the brink
Is it too much to ask to put your cup in the sink?
‘In it for the long haul’
You only ever watch a program
If it’s been reviewed by Goggle Box
There's a whole universe out there
I can’t believe you've never even heard of Professor Brian Cox
All my best work on scraps of paper
You coincidently binned
So what?
It’s better out than in.
It’s not a cast iron sin
If I occasionally break wind.


Tonight though I'll try and smooth it all over
while you do a crossword
& chastise all males
I'll make spag bol then a dessert
Which you will hardly touch
‘Cos all day you've been snacking on your finger nails.

‘In it for the long haul’
yet we've called each other’s bluff
All love comes with a limit
We've both had enough

‘In it for the long haul’
You're really going to town

When you say you're leaving me after lockdown
I'll fake a disappointed frown
‘Cos I too am secretly pleased.