Beyond The Horizon by Kathleen Proctor


The horizon is an illusion. 

Did no one ever tell you?

Or did they just leave you

Stubbornly heading towards it

Expecting a different vision

On the other side?

A view of a better world?


They should have told you.


Do not search. Do not strive.

It is forever unattainable,

It is a fallacy, a mirage.

There is no nirvana waiting.

Shown you what lies beyond

When the bubble bursts.


They should have warned you.


Just more of the same, more struggling, 

Fulfilment forever out of reach,

With just a flawed belief that maybe,

Just maybe, you might actually arrive

And catch a glimpse of this con trick,

This deluded dream of success.


They should have warned you.


Made you peer over the edge,

Introduced you to disappointment,

Revealed the new definitive list

Of different demands and desires                                                           

Deemed necessary to measure success.


They should have told you.


Accept what you are. Accept what you have.


That is the only truth to be found

Beyond the horizon.