Brian Hutchinson, Liverpool, UK


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Edition 14 - Red Rum and Punches


About The Author

Moods govern my work:  Light and humorous, or very dark.

Mothers rose stage play. Written. Directed by myself.

Screenplays, radio plays. Written.

Radio writing/ playwriting/Screenwriting courses.



Red rum and Punches. My personal interpretation of Sefton, its history. It doesn’t pull any punches either.

Erica’s Orange.  Short story published.  A personal journey inside my mind.


SLEEPS WITH TIGERS. A story that took 57 years to write. An interpretation of decades of nightmares.  

Green to lilac verging on purple.   Humour.  A Novel in progress

THE 28th BOOK . Dark and Satanic.  A Novel in progress;

Several works in progress.