Phil McNulty, Southport, UK


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Edition 9 - The Wedding Party

Edition 10 - Tears OF A Clown

Edition 12 - Pruning The Past

Edition 13 - Honouring The ancestors

Edition 14 - The Sound Of Wind And Prayer

Edition 15 - Grand Mal

Edition 17 - Home From Sea

Edition 19 - The Shame Of Physical Contact

Edition 20 - The Hidden Lollipop

Edition 21 - Graveyard Scorton

                - Walking On Ghosts

Edition 22 - Fallen... Again

Edition 23 - Morning After

Edition 24 - The Last Bus

Edition 25 - Grandads Second Chance of Parenting

Edition 26 - Shocked out of hopelessness


He also has a piece in Worktown Words Anthology One


About the Author

He was born in Liverpool in1954. Prior to becoming a teacher he worked in fairgrounds, factories, an oil refinery and the Civil Service. He has lived and worked in the Middle East, Leicester, Birmingham, Hull, Wigan and Skelmersdale and was a Liverpool teacher for fifteen years.

He is a published travel writer, essayist, playwright and poet.