Moxy Casimir, Macclesfield, UK


The author has the following pieces on here - click on a title to go to it

Edition 4 - No Words Escape Her

Edition 7 - Strange, yes, but stranger still

Edition 9 - I Celebrate the Lesser Known

Edition 10 - Comet Snow People Tear Through Space and Time

Edition 11 - Ghosts are so Yesterday

Edition 12 - Bog-Body Icing Bags


She also has pieces in the Audio Section on this site and in the paperback Worktown Words Anthology One



About the Author

Moxy Casimir: shook-up shape-shifter who writes and draws and dances. Autistic bodger, mime - raconteur, insect enthusiast, currently working on a graphic novel, a novel novel, songs, gag cartoons and a role playing game. Voice like an ovulating gargoyle. Attempting to grow tiger nuts and carlin peas. She has too much eyebrows. 

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