Notes from the Curator of Edition 24

When Paul asked me to choose a theme for my period as Editor of our wonderful Worktown online, I had to think long and hard, have a cup of Earl Grey and then think long and hard again. I didn’t want to choose anything obvious or immediate. We have already had some wonderful themes and excellent editors, so this was a difficult task...not merely picking some random word and selecting a few pieces.


The World situation has left many of us reeling, the pandemic, world poverty, fraud and criminality and dictatorships becoming the norm amongst the rulers of Nations. I have felt pretty hurt and grazed by it all, weary of fighting for justice and equality. My grazes would not, could not heal. To relax I practice Mindfulness and take myself off to my childhood of Countryside rambles and a bucolic way of life - cattle and sheep grazing, my falls from apple trees, grazed knees, the comfort of good food and home. Hence my decision to have the theme Graze. it can mean so much, for such a small word it has great power to transport and enlighten. So the submissions came in. I expected the playground stories of falls, and pastoral scenes... but there is so much more in this collection, every word can transport into another world, another story, uplift and help heal all grazes!

To all writers, keep on writing and submitting, to the new writers, I applaud you and say if your work is not selected by any editor - do not feel grazed or hurt, feel encouraged, get someone to read your work, and the next time you submit, it may be your turn to see your words and name on the page... grazed bits of us do heal, even if they leave a scar!


Well done and thank you everyone.

Rosie Adamson-Clark