Margaret Simpson Bolton, UK

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Edition 18 - Shopping In A Climate Crisis

Edition 22 - Haiku

Edition 24 - The Herd

Edition 25 - Small Change

Edition 26 - Finding Signs


About the Author

I've written on and off most of my life but only in the last 8 years have I started to attempt poetry.  I am currently a member of Bank Street Writers and am also a regular participant in 'Write on the Farm' (WoF) workshops run by Geraldine Green in Cumbria (the farm belongs to Jane Merritt, a fellow poet and dear friend), that and other loose associations with like minded writers.  I have had work published in various anthologies including WoF and Worktown collections, 'Colours of Kendal' (Quaker Tapestry Museum) and Poetry on the Platform.  I have also had pieces preformed in 'Best of Bolton' productions.